The EBTF is the leading body of European business dedicated to raising the standards of the public tax debate

The EBTF was formed in 2017 with the view to develop a long-term and high-value strategy on European business engaging in the public debate around the tax position, tax behavior and tax contribution to the society by large business. Member companies are based in the EU, EFTA and UK and share a common belief in responsible tax practices and tax transparency.

The EBTF welcomes the public tax debate; it aims at providing objective (tax) data and information, undertaking research and publishing reports to enable a more balanced dialogue and discussing these publications with relevant stakeholders. It partners with independent organisations, such as universities and think tanks, as well as business groups that have similar or complementary objectives as the EBTF.

Key focus areas for the EBTF include tax transparency, total tax contribution, good tax governance, sustainability and tax, and tax communication.