Our History

The European Business Tax Forum (EBTF) started in 2017 as an informal, not-for-profit initiative between a small group of multinational companies based in the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and the United Kingdom (UK) with the view to developing a long-term and high value strategy on European business engaging in the public tax debate.

In 2018 and 2019 the EBTF expanded and commissioned the “EU/EFTA/UK Total Tax Contribution (TTC) study”. In the coming years the EBTF will continue to pursue initiatives that will ensure the achievement of its mission and engagement in a meaningful dialogue with the various stakeholders.

Our Mission

The EBTF believes in transparency, accountability and responsible tax behavior. The EBTF’s mission is to provide a more balanced perspective in the public debate around the European business’ tax position, tax behavior and taxes contributed to the society. This is achieved, in particular, through providing relevant tax and other information to various stakeholders, for example by publishing relevant reports.

The EBTF undertakes initiatives in relevant fields, including but not limited to content collection and creation, and communication. Examples are:

  • Collection of existing publicly available information on topics such as the tax position, tax behavior, and tax contribution of European business.
  • Preparation of thought leadership material and definition of areas of further research.
  • Commissioning of in-depth studies prepared by independent parties on areas that require further research. An example is the EU/EFTA/UK TTC study.
  • Seeking active and constructive dialogue with stakeholders such as civil society organizations, policymakers, academics, investors and international institutions in support and advancement of the EBTF’s mission.
  • Involvement in relevant international initiatives and collaborating with other international fora that pursue objectives that align/compliment the EBTF’s mission.