Why join the EBTF?


The EBTF has a positive outlook towards the public tax debate. It strongly believes in change in tax behavior and considers that active and constructive engagement of European business with the different stakeholders is a key component of such change. It is also one of the few business groups that does not have a lobbying or advocacy agenda. EBTF membership can therefore have a positive (tax) reputational impact.

Unique Data

The EBTF also aims at providing its members and – more broadly – European business with the necessary tools in order to engage in a tax dialogue with internal and external stakeholders. The avenue chosen to achieve that is through the provision of data and other information that is currently not available or adequately researched. ​​​​​​The focus is thus on objective, solid and comprehensive facts on key aspects of the public tax debate that can enhance and improve dialogue.


While EBTF members may engage in own initiatives or participate in other business groups on some of the EBTF focus areas, they recognise that the EBTF offers a unique opportunity to join forces with other large companies for the purposes of pursuing projects of a bigger scale and impact. The EBTF has one voice and that is the collective voice of all its members.


The EBTF offers an open platform for discussion and experience sharing amongst experienced tax directors and heads of tax policy of some of the largest European business.


Current Members

The EBTF is the leading body of European business dedicated to raising the standards of the public tax debate. We are committed to tax transparency, good tax governance and sustainability and bringing real tax and other relevant information to help shape an objective and constructive public tax debate.

We are focused on providing unique and currently unavailable information to foster the public tax debate. Our members contribute to a collective effort towards positive and constructive change on tax transparency, good tax governance, and aligning sustainability and tax.

The EBTF has the legal form of a Dutch association (vereniging).

  • Accenture
  • Anglo American
  • BBVA
  • Coca Cola Europacific Partners

  • Enel
  • Fortum
  • Inter IKEA
  • LEGO Group
  • L’Oréal
  • Nestlé
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • RELX
  • Swiss Re

Current Management Board

  • Michael Ludlow, Group Head of Tax – Swiss Re and, EBTF Chair & Secretary
  • Werner Engelen, Head Tax Policy – LEGO Group and, EBTF General Treasurer
  • Yelena Bron, Director Tax Strategy, Policy and Structuring – Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and, EBTF Management Board Member
  • Alessandro Bucchieri, Head of Tax Affairs – Enel Group and, EBTF Management Board Member



Rupal Maheshwari from Lubbers, Boer & Douma is currently holding the role of the Secretariat of the EBTF.

What our members say about EBTF?

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